Measuring for a ramp

If you are interested in purchasing a ramp for your retail, residential, institutional or commercial location follow these instructions:

Step #1

Take a picture showing the entire entryway.

Step #2

Take two close up pictures showing a tape measure or ruler in front of the left AND right side of the step so that we can determine the exact step height. Ensure that the photo is taken looking straight on and not at an angle.

Step #3

Choose your colour! Red, green, yellow or blue.


"Originally, our busy downtown restaurant only had one wheelchair accessible entrance which was through our side door. We were always more than happy to assist and accommodate all of our patrons but it could occasionally prove to be an inconvenience for all parties involved. Fortunately, we were informed about getting in touch with the very friendly folks at StopGap. Within a week the ramp was built and delivered. There it was: a mobile, yet very sturdy gateway through our front doors. Now all of our customers can enter through our front door with ease and dignity and we are thrilled to be able to accommodate them as such." Eric Saltzman, Caplansky's, Toronto ON

"Since we have had our ramp we have had many deeply appreciative comments. My shop is quite unique, full of original spiritual-based art and most customers that are able to come in really enjoy the experience. With our ramp we are able to extend this experience to all. Thank you and all the best for your future projects related to this wonderful initiative."Leo Scopacasa, Orbital Arts, Kensington Market, Toronto ON

"The entrance to my shop has a very high front step. This had proved an impediment to many people since we opened in 2011. So when we got a call out of the blue from someone asking if we wanted a ramp, I jumped at the chance. I had not previously heard of StopGap but once someone from the organization came and took measurements and gave us a choice of colours, I started noticing StopGap ramps all across the city.

When the ramp arrived, it made an immediate difference to my business. Within an hour of its being set in place we were complimented on how helpful it was. All of a sudden the shop became accessible not only to customers using wheel chairs, but also to parents with strollers and anyone for whom the front step had been an insurmountable challenge.

It’s also been great for me. Every day I wheel a cart loaded with sale books onto the street. Without the ramp, this extension of my business would not be possible.

We couldn’t be happier with our StopGap ramp and we commend the StopGap crew on the great service they provide.” Peter Sellers, Sellers & Newel Second-Hand Books, Toronto ON

"Here at Charlie's having a StopGap ramp in our space has significantly improved our customer, volunteer, and staff's experience using the entrance. As a bike shop, the obvious benefit is the ease of entering and exiting the shop with a bike in hand, but it's also added so much more. We are always striving to provide equal access to everyone in the community, and to be an ally whenever we can. Because we are both a shop, and community charity space it meant a lot to us to be able to make our storefront accessible. Thank you StopGap!" Jon Carroll - Charlie's Bike Joint / Charlie's Freewheels, Toronto ON