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The wedge ramp is the perfect object to represent what we are up to at StopGap right now. They are simple to build and easy to deploy. They are attractive – one might even call them sexy. They provide access to businesses and spaces for people who use wheelchairs or other mobility aids (parents with …

Uhhhhh… amazing…??

It might not be the most sexy design we have come across but the owners of this butcher shop on the Danforth have come up with a real nifty way of enabling themselves to work behind the counter and open the door for patrons… at the same time! Truly fantastic! Yes… that’s a rubber chicken.

Stop|Gap Map

Our Stop|Gap Map is ready to build!The intent is to pin point places and spaces in our built environment that have provided universal access to their services or identify places where a solution for access is possible with some positive encouragement.,-79.387529&spn=0.011116,0.021458&z=16Green pins mean: Go (Fully Accessible)Yellow pins mean: Caution (Accessible with Assistance)Red pins mean: No Go …

The Mermaster

Greetings Followers! I am very excited to share some of my experiences with all of you, and even more excited to be a part of this amazing project with Michael. Over the past 8 years my four wheeled adventures have uncovered a real interest in the built environment. I have experienced first hand how poorly …