Building Together

Interested in getting your company involved in a hands-on StopGap community project? Team Building Days offer organizations a wonderful opportunity to give back to the community in which they do business.

There are a number of ways that staff volunteers can be involved in our exciting initiative – from getting volunteers out to talk to business owners about their single step entryway to painting ramps. We’ve seen it all and it’s been fun for everyone every time. We have adopted a model somewhat like Habitat for Humanity’s whereby the participating organization provides a donation. With the funding that we receive we are able to provide ramps to business owners in a chosen community (at no cost) courtesy of the participating organization. Typically, we offer this opportunity at a suggested donation per staff volunteer, this ensures that we can provide one ramp per staff participant.

For the painting experience, we generally like to work with 12-15 volunteers in our woodshop at a time for a 4-5 hour shift. The outreach experience usually involves 2-3 volunteers working together along a 3-4 block distance on one side of the street for a 4 hour period. Each outreach volunteer would have an opportunity to gift a ramp to a business owner courtesy of their company’s donation.

Testimonials from some participants!

  • A positive impact on the community

    “Quadrangle has long admired StopGap and when the opportunity to get our hands dirty in the shop came up, we jumped at the opportunity. Haley Rae and Velanie were a pleasure to work with while Luke was as charismatic as ever and let us pick his brain about design solutions and how he grew his organization. Our team had a great time prepping ramps for distribution to businesses, residences, and cultural institutions across the province. If you are looking for a fun activity to do with your team or friends while also making a positive impact on the community, I highly recommend doing a Paint Day.”

  • An incredible time laughing and learning and painting

    “I wanted to extend my thanks to the StopGap Foundation for inviting us in for the day to help paint ramps. It ranks as one of my best days of the year. The kindness, generosity and compassion of the team is evident in everything they do: from providing information to me and my fellow volunteers about the mission and value of StopGap, to instructing us on the best way to paint (there’s a technique!), Velanie, Haley Rae and Luke were equal parts patient and fun, and I had an incredible time laughing and learning and painting. Thank you so much for inviting us to be a part of the StopGap mission for the day!”

  • We are always striving to provide equal access

    Here at Charlie’s having a StopGap ramp in our space has significantly improved our customer, volunteer, and staff’s experience using the entrance. As a bike shop, the obvious benefit is the ease of entering and exiting the shop with a bike in hand, but it’s also added so much more. We are always striving to provide equal access to everyone in the community, and to be an ally whenever we can. Because we are both a shop, and community charity space it meant a lot to us to be able to make our storefront accessible. Thank you StopGap!

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