Ramp Up 2015!

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More about the author We are proud to announce that tickets are now on sale for our very first fund-raising event called Ramp Up 2015! Our friends at Brightworks will be hosting the event on May 29th in their beautiful newly renovated space at 100 Broadview Ave. in Toronto! This is an event that you will not want to miss.

why not look here Funds raised during the event will go towards bringing a community ramp project to six different Ontario communities this summer and ultimately help us with our mission of raising awareness and removing barriers that prevent many people from accessing the spaces and the services that they desire.

binary option vergleich We’ve got some great restauranteurs lined up that will be dishing out some of their tastiest eats including Prohibition, Aft, Eat Fresh Be Healthy, Snakes and Lagers, and Druxys. We’ll also be offering a number of different Toronto beers including Steam Whistle and wines from Prince Edward County and Niagara region wineries including Black Prince and Stratus. The fundraiser will include original artwork by 24 local artists, our selected artists will be creating a painted work of art on a StopGap ramp to be auctioned off at the event. There is an amazing roster of talented artists actively working on their masterpieces, including: Mike ParsonsAl Runt, Jane Adams, Regina Shing, Dimitry Bondarenko, Jen Onlock, Ray McNeice, Margaret Grandison, Chai Duncan,  Sandra Cole Burke, Dianne Green, Judith Livingston, Valarie Ashton, Diana Bullock, and Michael Hopkins. We’ve also got some fantastic speakers lined up, comedian Andre Arruda, and a bunch of incredible draw prizes. You can’t afford NOT to be a part of this – tickets are only $40!

recensioni topoption Oh… one more thing… did you see our new logo?! That’s just a teaser of what’s to come. Kate Miller from Brightworks has generously donated her time and expertise to help us with this huge rebranding task AND redesign of our website. We love our new dynamic logo and Kate has put together a site that is out of this world, designed to WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) standards. The new site will go live in a couple of weeks so stay tuned!

tastylia online without prescription Click on the Ramp Up 2015 image in the sidebar and you will be directed to our online ticket sales account. Tickets are going fast so get them while you can! See you on May 29th!

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Great news from Halifax!

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Organizers of the Halifax Community Ramp Project are gearing up to deliver more than a dozen new ramps this week and expect to build more than 40 ramps for local businesses! This is incredible news!

Here is a recent article about the Halifax Community Ramp Project:


Stories like this have been instrumental in inspiring others to take on community ramp projects of their own in their own neighborhoods! Does this story inspire you to take on your own community ramp project? If so, be in touch – we would be more than happy to help you get the ball rolling!

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Agents of Change and a Call for Help… We Need Some Cash!

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We have some incredibly exciting news to share!

Together with 10 other amazing organizations we will be enrolled in the Center for Social Innovation’s Agents of Change program at CSI’s Spadina location here in Toronto! This is a huge opportunity that will allow us to set up shop in the centre and surround ourselves with incredible people and their organizations – we really couldn’t be more thrilled! Here is a link to CSI’s website to learn more about what they’re all about, you will quickly learn that this is such a great fit for us – www.socialinnovation.ca.

Yesterday was a huge day for the StopGap initiative as we were invited to speak about the state of accessibility here in Ontario with TVO’s Steve Paikin on The Agenda. We were in good company as other guests included David Onley (former Lt. Gov. of Ontario) and David Lepofsky (Chair of the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act Alliance). Here is a link to these two accessibility champions speaking about accessibility in Ontario – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0JRhfg4U9Us

We will post our segment when it is up on the TVO website so stay tuned! In the meantime here’s a picture!

This interview serves as a great beginning to the next chapter in our quest for a barrier free society. Over the next few months in the lead up to the warmer weather we will be operating out of our new home at CSI four days a week in preparation for our Ontario Ramp Project Tour, and our involvement with Toronto’s Pan Am and Para Pan Am games! Huge thanks goes out to Blackwell Structural Engineers for allowing me (Luke here) to take an extended leave of absence from my duties as a project engineer at the firm so we can further our work with the foundation and take advantage of The Agents for Change program at CSI. HUGE!

With all of these plans and the latest decisions that have been made with respect to allocation of human resources we now face some serious funding needs, gone are the days of the biweekly paycheck and our proposed tour presents some sizable expenses. The plan is to convert a trailer into a mobile workshop and bring the community ramp project to a dozen Ontario communities this summer. We’d also like to purchase a new wheelchair accessible van and wrap it in StopGap Foundation logos to help promote the project. Another exciting component of this proposed tour is to bring along a filmmaking crew to capture, document, and ultimately celebrate all of the action that will transpire while on the road!

Brock Warner, lead fundraiser from War Child Canada, has graciously offered to volunteer his expertise and help us in the fundraising department! He has already accomplished so much including establishing a Canada Helps fund-raising account for us and a direct fund-raising link/ button on our homepage. This fantastic service allows anyone to quickly and easily donate online and automatically receive a charitable tax receipt.

Brock has established the channels now we need the funds to flow through them!

So… get ready… here’s our fundraising plug! If you like the work that we do, would like to one day see a society free of barriers that prevent many people from accessing the spaces that they desire, and are interested in helping us bring a Community Ramp Project to every community across Canada – please donate! We’ve made it super easy for you – the button is right there in the top right corner of this page!

Stay tuned for more updates that will highlight some of the recent Community Ramp Projects that have started up across the country!

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Signs Restaurant Ramp Saga!

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Exciting times in awareness raising land! There is SO much buzz going on right now about the initiative and the need for increased accessibility in our communities.

Along with the newspaper articles that have been published about the city’s orders to remove the Signs Restaurant ramp I just wanted to add some updates and view our opinion on the situation in greater depth in an effort to create further clarity. All of the latest articles and news pieces can be found in the media section of our website.

This is a great conversation everyone, it’s this type of discourse that we were intending on creating when we started the initiative three years ago. This topic has many facets, from human rights to design issues. The underlying requirement is that people are safe, both using the ramp and navigating around it. Bylaws are in place to keep people safe, they have been developed over many years and get amended every now and then when new situations present themselves. Amending bylaws is not an easy process, it involves lots of time and collaborative effort from the governing municipal councils and committees. I can’t comment on the requirement for a minimum 2.1 metre clear path, in this particular case the restaurant owners can achieve this by working with Canada Post and relocating the mailbox. The 72cm encroachment issue is a good segue into a number of other factors with this story. Our original design intent was to follow the intent of all of our other ramps that we have designed to date, this being a deployable/ temporary design. A temporary ramp need not adhere to building code as it is not a permanent structure, it is a device. As such, a deployable ramp does not need a building permit or variance. The restaurant owners agreed with this design intent and the ramp was designed and constructed as a four piece modular system with removable railings. It was communicated to the owners that each piece of the ramp would weigh between 30-40 lbs and would be best deployed by two people. Upon delivery the restaurant owners soon determined that although deployable in theory it would be inconvenient to set the ramp up and take it down at the beginning and end of each business day let alone whenever someone might need it. The restaurant owners then decided to leave the ramp out all of the time, and thus requiring it to need a temporary encroachment permit, as it encroaches 72 cm on to city property (temporary because the restaurant owners intend on working with the owner of the building to get a permanent ramp in the future, however the owner of the building does not want to allow the restaurant owners to do anything permanent… more on that later). The restaurant owners are now in the process of applying for a temporary encroachment permit but the city wants them to move the ramp immediately as they are treating the ramp like a permanent structure which is encroaching on city property and not leaving enough room between it and the mailbox. Still with me?! I spoke with Councillor Kristyn Wong Tam today and she is a huge supporter of our initiative and willing to do all she can at City Hall to figure out a solution to this situation, she is a total ally. She is going to talk with the building owner and try to convince them that installing a permanent structure is the best thing to do, more expensive but better in the long run. She also shared that this whole issue with the current ramp would go away if the business owners took advantage of the deployable nature of the ramp, set it up in the morning and removed it at night – and worked with Canada Post on moving the mailbox. She also said that she is going to try to buy some time (a couple of days) so that the restaurant owners can get the mailbox moved and avoid having the ramp taken away by the city’s bylaw enforcement officers. Some of the articles and news pieces that have appeared in the media about this situation have made the city out to be bad guys but this isn’t necessarily the case. As I mentioned earlier, it takes lots of time to change bylaws. My conversation with Councillor Wong Tam today confirmed that she is willing to work with us on having those bylaws reviewed in order to make it easier for businesses to become accessible, she is committed to this effort. The building owners are giving the restaurant owners a hard time as they don’t want to do anything to alter the building permanently. The restaurant owners have a legitimate concern about the possibility of one of their staff hurting themselves while moving the ramp so they are keen on leaving it out all of the time. Again, I am so happy that this conversation is happening – change needs to start somewhere. It will present frustrating moments/ lessons learned like this one and no doubt more to come in the future.

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Signs Restaurant Modular Ramp Masterpiece

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After much toiling and fussing we managed to pull together this beauty. The ramp is a four piece modular system that can be taken apart and deployed fairly easily. The railings are removable and came together amazingly! We like to call them Braille-ings because the name of the restaurant and StopGap is written in braille along the top of one of the handrails.

We’d like to give special thanks to Signs Restaurant for the opportunity to work with them on such a groundbreaking and demanding project. We highly recommend checking out the restaurant (Yonge and Wellesley), it’s an absolutely amazing dining experience as staff encourage the use of sign language in communicating. Diagrams beside items on the menu teach you the appropriate signs and the food is delicious! Plus you will get to check out the ramp while you are there. It’s a guaranteed fun night out!

We’d also like to thank Scott Dunsmoor and his crew at All Weld for doing an unbelievable job with the railings. We couldn’t be happier with how they turned out!

Further thanks goes to Stephen Gray and Shane MacInnes from Greening Homes for taking care of the construction of the ramp modules.

A huge thank you goes out to Trevor Little from Little Landscapes for doing the installation and setting up the railings – a very finicky job!

Lastly, would like to thank Henna Tuohimma for letting us commission her stellar measurement skills and helping out the site measurement!

Check out these photos of the creation… next project we will definitely make sure to get the stencil in the right place… ooops!

Signs Ramp Installed. Large custom built ramp leading up parallel with front of building and then right angled to doorway, with metal railings and STOPGAP.CA both stenciled in paint on the wood and punched out of the metal. Signs ramp installed with man packing up tools. Signs ramp installed

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The Charlottetown Prince Edward Island Community Ramp Project!

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Today we are sending huge congratulations out to Meagan MacKenzie and her group of incredible volunteers who successfully launched their Community Ramp Project this past week in Charlottetown Prince Edward Island! We couldn’t be happier to learn that the Community Ramp Project has landed on the east coast! This news makes it official that we have now gone coast-to-coast with our initiative!  Help us spread this super exciting news about Meagan’s success in PEI, with hopes it will inspire others (maybe YOU…!!…) to take on their own ramp projects in their communities. Help us build on the awareness raising momentum we have gained – we are here to help every ‘step’ of the way!

Here is the link to the CBC news piece:


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Aaron Broverman from Now Magazine on The Community Ramp Project

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Last week was a great week for media attention! The Community Ramp Project was featured on CBC News AND we had the chance to speak with Aaron Broverman from Now Magazine! Thank you Aaron for putting together such a great story, we are super grateful for the opportunity to share what we are up to these days with such a huge audience.

Here is Aaron’s story:


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CBC’s Lucy Lopez on The Community Ramp Project

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We had the incredibly fortunate opportunity to meet with CBC’s Lucy Lopez in Kensington market on Thursday last week to talk about The Community Ramp Project and the need to design with everyone in mind in order to create a society free of physical barriers. It was great to hear David Lepofsky’s (chair of the AODA alliance) point of view on the matter as well. He supports our efforts but, like us, believes that change needs to start happening from the provincial level. Here is the link to the story that aired tonight on CBC this evening:


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