Inspired by the StopGap Ramp Project?

Start your own ramp project in your own community! Download these helpful tools and get started.

Start your own ramp project in your community.
Information for prospective volunteers.
Record all of the business’ information on this form and remind them to sign the policy.
A letter template to help secure building material donations.
This spreadsheet will calculate all of the measurements for each ramp part.
Participating businesses are encouraged to display this sign in their storefront window.
Yep, it’s a stencil!

Communities in the project

The Ramp Project has been successful at highlighting how a simple ramp can make life easier for everyone. Parents pushing strollers, couriers using dollies to handle heavy packages and people using mobility aids all benefit from a barrier free storefront. The project has also proved to business owners that they are able to increase their customer base by providing a storefront that everyone can enter and exit.

Measuring for a ramp

If you are part of a community ramp project follow these instructions:

Step #1

Take a picture showing the entire entryway.

Step #2

Take two close up pictures showing a tape measure or ruler in front of the left AND right side of the step so that we can determine the exact step height. Ensure that the photo is taken looking straight on and not at an angle.

Step #3

Choose your colour! Red, green, yellow or blue.

The ramp project: celebrating community build days