Meet the Ramp Rangers!

Lee-Anne Bigwood

Program Manager 

Lee Anne Headshot

“I am incredibly grateful to Velanie George, Outgoing Program Coordinator, for the thoughtful, skilled and generous handover she’s given me in the transfer of this role and to Jessica Black who’s literally and figuratively Ramped Up her responsibilities in this transition and onboarding.”

Lee-Anne’s LinkedIn title is ‘A creative organizer – coordinating in many ways in many areas for many people.’ This is true both personally and professionally. She’s always been fond of using her calendar and has a particular fondness for scheduling and organizing content and logistics for others (less so for herself, ask her Mom and her accountant!). 

She’s a veteran superfan of StopGap – so much so that many members of her community already excitedly text her when they see Luke on TV or new ramps pop up in their neighbourhood. 

Before she joined the StopGap staff team, she worked with the Centre for Social Innovation, where StopGap is a long-time member and was one ten enterprises selected to participate in CSI’s Agents of Change: City Builders accelerator program. She was CSI’s HR Coordinator, where she was known to ‘create an island of sanity in a sea of chaos’. Before that she played many roles at CBC, including financial management, then production coordination for the National Radio News team and then associate producer at the Radio Syndicate, where she digitized the interview booking system for regional stations across the country. 

She’s honoured and excited to take on the management of the operational programming at StopGap using her history of proactive problem solving and solution building. She feels right at home because her heightened capacity to ‘deal with numbers and words in boxes’ is best revealed when integrated with her people skills. 

She’s also a self-proclaimed ‘professional noticer,’ which basically means she takes nice photos of skies, shadows, reflections, street art, dogs and the plethora of kids she’s ‘Auntie Lee’ to at @littlebitesbig.

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Photo by Katie Zechner


Debbie Croft

School Program Manager

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Jessica Black

Volunteer, Outreach and Delivery Coordinator

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Katie Zechner

Junior Designer & Social Media Coordinator

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