Meet the Ramp Rangers!

Haley Rae Dinnall-Atkinson

Executive Assistant
Haley Rae has always considered Toronto to be home, but loves to travel whenever she can. She studied at OCAD University earning a Bachelor of Design majoring in Environmental Design: Interior Design Specialization. Haley Rae met Luke Anderson while taking an Inclusive Design course during her undergrad whereby she led a Community Ramp Project with classmates. She joined the StopGap Foundation team as a student intern after graduation in 2016. She loved the experience so much that she has since continued to contribute to their collaborative team. Her involvement includes, but is not limited to managing the Ramps on Request program, facilitating Corporate Team Building days as well as an array of administrative duties related to Foundation initiatives.

Haley Rae also works with the accessibility team, AccessAbility Advantage, at Quadrangle Architects. She takes part in accessibility compliance reviews throughout the City of Toronto. Her interests are centered around design, art, accessibility, education and architecture. She enjoys contributing to the field of accessibility in the built environment and hopes to craft a career that continues to allow her to influence the experiences that people have with the spaces that they move through. When she’s not working Haley Rae volunteers with the CNIB (Canadian National Institute for the Blind) as a vision mate, and as an assistant in a yoga class.

Velanie George

Communications Director
From a young age, Velanie has had a love for all things in the fields of Art and Design. Her interest in Architecture led her to study Environmental Design at OCAD University, where she earned a Bachelor of Design. Velanie’s involvement with StopGap Foundation began in 2014, when she led a Community Ramp Project in Toronto’s Little Italy neighbourhood for an Inclusive Design course. The experience was extremely rewarding and she continued volunteering with the Foundation upon completion of the Project. This led to the opportunity to work with StopGap Foundation, which Velanie welcomed in December of 2016.

Her primary roles include assisting with the School Project, Corporate Team Building, and Ramps on Request programs and creating video/graphic design/web content. Outside of her work life, Velanie enjoys going to concerts, weightlifting, and taking long walks around the city.