Through a network of mutual friends and StopGap supporters we were introduced to the wonderful Silvia Guido and her brilliant initiative called AccessTo. Silvia uses a list of criteria to analyze the accessibility of restaurants here in Toronto and her blog highlights the restaurants that are given an accessible thumbs up. If you see the sticker shown below in a restaurant’s front window you will immediately know that Silvia and her crew have done a thorough survey and have given it a seal of approval in terms of accessibility. But you will notice that the blog goes beyond accessibility and really does a great job at bringing the term “inclusive” into the picture. Take a closer look at the sticker and you will understand. This is a much-needed resource for such invaluable information as in the past the only way to know about a restaurant’s accessibility is through word of mouth. Silvia has recently teamed up with the occupational therapy program at the University of Toronto. This partnership will allow AccessTo to dramatically grow its number of reviewed restaurants by engaging the occupational therapy students to take on reviews of their own and post them on the blog. We owe a huge thanks to Silvia and her amazing students for helping arrange for a similar partnership to be made between StopGap and U. of T.! Stay tuned for an official welcome of our occupational therapy students and how they will be involved with the Community Ramp Project in the spring! In the meantime go check out and support AccessTo!

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