Ramp and Roll: a Jane’s Walk on StopGap Foundation and Accessibility on Roncesvalles

Text says Join us for a Jane's Walk Saturday May 4 12-1 PM over an image of ramps on the ground

Hey Toronto! You’re invited to join us for a Jane’s Walk in Roncesvalles as part of the Jane’s Walk Toronto Festival!

Where: Meet on the corner of Roncesvalles and Howard Park 

When: Saturday, May 4, 2024 from 12 – 1 pm

Cost: Free 

Led by StopGap’s Executive Director, Luke Anderson, this walk will highlight the daily barriers faced by disabled individuals on Toronto streets, changing perceptions and fostering a call to action for community-driven advocacy.

What is a Jane’s Walk?

Inspired by urban activist Jane Jacobs, Jane’s Walks are free community-led walking conversations that help you learn something new about the city you’re in.

Learn more about this walk and others at https://www.janeswalkfestivalto.com/4-may/ramp-and-roll-stopgap-foundation-and-accessibility-on-roncesvalles 

Image description: The text “Join us for a Jane’s Walk! Saturday May 4, 12-1 PM” in black with a white highlight. In the background is a photo of StopGap ramps on the ground in front of a row of businesses.