Canada AM Interview

StopGap wants to thank the crew at Canada AM for your amazing support and enthusiasm for the Ramp Project. 

Watch it here!

We are ramping up to our Roncesvalles Avenue build that will be our biggest yet!

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  • By Sarah Rainbolt

    WOOOHOOO! Way to go! I started a group on Facebook after hitting a high with my frustration and wanting to do something – wish I had such an awesome friend to make me ramps! (I have an awesome hubby & friends just hadn't done this is all). Anyhow someone put the link to your interview in the group I started and I I am grinning ear to ear! A business I've had accessibility issues at even asked me if they could get something like this and I said yes but of course now I can send them the link to your interview and they can get one of these from you guys YAY!! Thank you, Sarah.

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