1. Is it safe to have a ramp like this?

Yes. The ramps are custom designed to fit the height of your step. They are made of wood, are lightweight, treated with high-grade exterior paint with a non-slip additive, and come with two rope handles so they can be easily transported. An average sized ramp weighs around 30lbs. Our ramps are made to have a 1:6 rise to run slope ratio, so for every 1” of step height the ramp design length increases by 6”. Our design has gone through years of trial and error and results in a ramp that most find easy to manage and use.

2. Are we legally allowed to put this ramp in front of our business?

Yes. This is a portable ramp, and as such, you do not need a permit as you would for a fixed ramp. The ramp is not intended to be a permanent implement, and should only be used when required. When in use, the ramp should be level and flush against the step with no gaps present. When the ramp is not in use, it should be stored in a safe location. Business owners take on the responsibility and any risk associated with using the ramp, they sign a waiver agreeing to use it on a request basis. StopGap will provide you with a small window sign so that anyone requiring the ramp will know that you have one available, and they can request it. Similarly, business owners agree to not leave it out on the sidewalk in front of their storefront when not being used under their supervision.

3. Do StopGap ramps meet the building code requirements where they are installed?

The ramp is not intended to be a permanent implement, and should only be used when required. When in use, the ramp should be level and flush against the step with no gaps present. When the ramp is not in use, it should be stored in a safe location. A temporary ramp need not adhere to building code as it is not a permanent structure, it is simply a device. As such, a deployable ramp does not need a building permit or variance, should it be used as described.

4. Who is legally responsible for the ramps once they are implemented?

The business owner or manager who agrees to sign our Liability Waiver, Assumption of Risk and Indemnity, which is used for current participants and/or new businesses at participating locations.

5. In relation to the AODA legislation is it not the responsibility of the location owner to implement new ramps under the Build Environment standards?

The tagline that one reads related to the AODA is “A fully barrier-free Ontario by 2025”. Unfortunately, this tagline is misleading as only public buildings (schools, community centres, government buildings, etc.) and privately owned commercial/retail buildings that are undergoing major renovations (as defined in the Ontario Building Code) need to be barrier-free (without imposing undue financial hardship). StopGap Foundation’s programs have been successful in supporting this ambitious and important goal. Through highlighting our human right to equal access (which overrules AODA, building codes, and municipal bylaws) our brightly painted deployable access ramps support “mom and pop” businesses and private building owners who are interested in removing barriers to access, increasing their customer base, increasing quality of life, and helping people reach their full potential.

6. How much does a ramp cost?

On average our ramps cost between $195 to $350 each with additional charges added if delivered outside of the Greater Toronto Area. Visit the Ramps on Request section of the website and send over all of the information we are looking for and we’ll get back to you with a quote!

To accommodate small business owners with tight budgets, we offer a limited number of subsidized or sponsored ramps. These are provided to businesses at little to no cost thanks to the generosity of our corporate partnerships! There’s a spot on our Request a Ramp Form for these requests, which can take a bit longer to process.

We also have our Community Ramp Projects which bring together inspired and passionate volunteers and generous local retailers in different communities across Canada. Through their volunteer efforts (as builders and educators delivering our important awareness-raising messages) and building material donations from local hardware stores, a business owner has the opportunity to receive a sponsored ramp.

7. Can I get a charitable tax receipt for my donation?

You bet, StopGap Foundation is a registered charity!

Interested in making a donation? Thanks for offering your support! Visit our secure online donation page to make a contribution! Know that your donation will be put to good use furthering our awareness-raising messages across Canada.

8. Can I get a custom colour?

We have sponsorship from Behr Paints for our standard four colours and custom colours are purchased as requested. We are only offering our standard colours – vibrant red, yellow, green, or blue. There are additional costs, instructions and potentially timelines for custom colours.

9. When can I expect to receive my ramp?

You can expect to receive your ramp within 4-6 weeks after you receive an order confirmation from us! **Please note that we’re currently experiencing a bit of a backlog. We require all the info outlined on our Request a Ramp Page and from the point of confirmation it’s normally approximately 4-6 weeks turnover, but is currently closer to 6-8. We’re a very small team working hard at getting more ramps to more steps!

10. Is it still worth getting a ramp if the bathroom is not accessible?

Yes! Absolutely! We recommend that a business owner make all info regarding accessibility available somewhere (website, FB, etc.) so that whoever is inquiring can easily get the answers they need and be informed. The important thing with this issue is to simply allow someone access into the space. If a washroom or counter top is not accessible, then access to the proper information will allow those people in need of such amenities the opportunity to plan their visit to the venue accordingly.

11. What about multi-stepped entryways and permanent ramps?

Multi-stepped conditions and permanent building code compliant ramps are outside the scope of our operations, but depending on your location, we may be able to connect you with a supplier of a suitable product or local builder. Please send a photo showing the entire entryway to buyaramp@stopgap.ca, and we’ll help as best we can!