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It takes a village to raise a child. Similarly, it takes a collective understanding of the issues concerning inaccessible spaces before permanent solutions arise. We need to start somewhere and raising awareness about the issue is the first step ;). Join our growing team of supporters and get involved in one of our programs!


luke out front of a store with a new blue ramp and store staff smiling in the doorway

The Community Ramp Project

Physical barriers in our “built environment” prevent many of us from enjoying some of the amazing buildings and spaces that our cities and communities have to offer. With material donations from community hardware stores and volunteer labour from inspired community members, businesses with single stepped storefronts are invited to participate and have a custom ramp made at little to no cost. The brightly coloured ramps do not present a perfect solution to the problem however they do get people talking about the much bigger issue of inclusivity and accessibility for all.

More About the Community Ramp Project
luke next to bright red ramps and surrounded by excited kids

The School Project

In the Spring of 2016, Luke created a one-off program for kindergartners at Toronto’s Mabin School. Through conversation with Luke, and neighbourhood exploration, the children learned about the inaccessibility of their communities through the eyes of people who use wheelchairs.

About The School Project