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We are currently accepting online orders!

Approximate pricing for standard ramps (34″ width):
$305 – $460 depending on step height (between 2”- 9”)

Approximate pricing for CafeTO curb ramps (designed to meet City curb lane cafe requirements):
$465 – $660 depending on curb height (between 2”- 6”)

Delivery options for all ramp orders:

  • Free pick up at 49 Cameron Street in Toronto, ON
  • Delivery Zone 1 – $30
    North DVP/Woodbine Ave to Kipling Ave (East/West) -> Highway 401 to Lakeshore (North/South)
  • Delivery Zone 2 – $40
    Markham Rd (Scarborough) to Hurontario St (Mississauga) (East/West) -> Highway 407 to Lakeshore (North/South)
  • Shipping via UPS – Shipping costs vary depending on ramp size

For CafeTO curb ramps, have a look at the diagram below and follow the subsequent steps to take your curb measurements and photos.

For standard ramps, please disregard the diagram and follow the steps below to take your step measurements and photos.

1. Take a photo of the entire storefront (for standard ramps) or patio area (for CafeTO ramps).

Take a look at your storefront (standard ramp) or patio area (CafeTO ramp) and envision the placement of the ramp.

You will want to place your ramp in an area where there is enough space for a person using a mobility device to make a turn to get on and off the ramp. You will need 42″ of space in addition to the length of the ramp (which is 6 times the height of the step/curb) to provide a turning space that works for many mobility aids, though not all.

For CafeTO customers, it is really important to choose modular furniture options, so tables and chairs can easily be moved in order to create more clearance.

Take a picture of the entire storefront or patio area including the step/curb and the sidewalk.

2. Take two photos of your step/curb height measurement using a standard imperial tape measure placed up against the step/curb to show the measurement. For standard ramps, the two photos should be taken 34″ apart. For CafeTO curb ramps, the two photos should be taken 40″ apart.

One on the left side. The other on the right.

Take these photos with the camera aimed straight-on and at level with the step/curb to make sure we are able to get clear and accurate measurements. Please include a small sign in the photo noting the side the measurement is being taken on.

Once you have your measurements and photos, please fill out the form below, and select your location type.


  • We are always striving to provide equal access

    Here at Charlie’s having a StopGap ramp in our space has significantly improved our customer, volunteer, and staff’s experience using the entrance. As a bike shop, the obvious benefit is the ease of entering and exiting the shop with a bike in hand, but it’s also added so much more. We are always striving to provide equal access to everyone in the community, and to be an ally whenever we can. Because we are both a shop, and community charity space it meant a lot to us to be able to make our storefront accessible. Thank you StopGap!

  • We are thrilled to be able to accommodate

    Originally, our busy downtown restaurant only had one wheelchair accessible entrance which was through our side door. We were always more than happy to assist and accommodate all of our patrons but it could occasionally prove to be an inconvenience for all parties involved. Fortunately, we were informed about getting in touch with the very friendly folks at StopGap. There it was: a mobile, yet very sturdy gateway through our front doors. Now all of our customers can enter through our front door with ease and dignity and we are thrilled to be able to accommodate them as such.