Magical Stockholm

I recently returned from an amazing adventure that took me, my lady friend Megan and our friend Kim to Stockholm Sweden. Stockholm is a beautiful city rich in history and culture but what stood out most for me was how easy it was to get around. From public transit to user interface systems, the Swedes are light years ahead of us here in Canada. Check out this video of a lowering countertop that we discovered at a convenience store!

We thoroughly enjoyed traveling on public transit in Stockholm. With lowered floor streetcars and buses and elevators at each subway station, the whole city was at our fingertips and we took advantage of all of it! Here’s a little clip of us exiting a Stockholm streetcar and a picture of the ramp being deployed by one of the onboard transit staff.

Nowhere else in the world would we have been able to stay in a hostel that was a converted jumbo jet. Yup, we stayed in a hostel that was a converted 747! Stay tuned for pictures of this and other exciting tales of our unbelievable trip to Scandinavia.

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