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Mini Ramp Keychains


Each of these wooden, mini-ramps were ‘Made with Love for Every Body’ in the Toronto Tool Library Makerspace. They work great as a keychain, or hanging from your bag to start conversations and show your StopGap pride!

Currently we only have RED, YELLOW & GREEN, but we’ve got a production in motion for BLUE and in the near future we’ll also have mini ramps designed and painted by artists!

Please indicate your colour choice in ‘order notes’.

Each purchase of a mini ramp keychain, t-shirt, Unstoppable book, The Ramp Man storybook, RAMPMAN 1 & 2 comic book, Forward Movement Sticker, Made With Love for Everybody sticker, or Ramp Sponsorship goes towards improving our impact.

Thanks for showing your love for StopGap!