Signs Restaurant Modular Ramp Masterpiece

After much toiling and fussing we managed to pull together this beauty. The ramp is a four piece modular system that can be taken apart and deployed fairly easily. The railings are removable and came together amazingly! We like to call them Braille-ings because the name of the restaurant and StopGap is written in braille along the top of one of the handrails.

We’d like to give special thanks to Signs Restaurant for the opportunity to work with them on such a groundbreaking and demanding project. We highly recommend checking out the restaurant (Yonge and Wellesley), it’s an absolutely amazing dining experience as staff encourage the use of sign language in communicating. Diagrams beside items on the menu teach you the appropriate signs and the food is delicious! Plus you will get to check out the ramp while you are there. It’s a guaranteed fun night out!

We’d also like to thank Scott Dunsmoor and his crew at All Weld for doing an unbelievable job with the railings. We couldn’t be happier with how they turned out!

Further thanks goes to Stephen Gray and Shane MacInnes from Greening Homes for taking care of the construction of the ramp modules.

A huge thank you goes out to Trevor Little from Little Landscapes for doing the installation and setting up the railings – a very finicky job!

Lastly, would like to thank Henna Tuohimma for letting us commission her stellar measurement skills and helping out the site measurement!

Check out these photos of the creation… next project we will definitely make sure to get the stencil in the right place… ooops!

Signs Ramp Installed 1 Signs Ramp Installed 2 Signs Ramp Installed 3

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  • By Shelterd Life

    Funny, my friend and I shared and we actually ordered the same thing I got last time I came, I guess my taste hasn't changed in the past few years. We got Cod with some rolls. The cod from Boston restaurants melts in your mouth more than cotton candy melts in your mouth.

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