Spotlight on Community: Accessible Playgrounds Ontario

All kids deserve the right to play. But for kids with disabilities and their parents and caregivers, it’s not always easy to find accessible options. That’s why Accessible Playgrounds Ontario was created.

Started by Julie Grant, Accessible Playgrounds Ontario catalogues over 300 accessible playgrounds across the province. Parents can use the interactive map by clicking on a park location to find out its address, see photos of the park, and learn about the accessibility features it has.

Julie and her young son Jude at an accessible playground. On the left is a wheelchair accessible swing. In the centre, Julie kneels down and puts her arm around a stroller in which Jude is sitting.

Julie was inspired to create Accessible Playgrounds Ontario by her young son, Jude, who has cerebral palsy. Jude uses a mobility device, and for him, playgrounds with sand or mulch grounds are not accessible. Julie’s initial focus with the Accessible Playgrounds Ontario directory was on playgrounds with rubber or turf surfacing, which provide accessibility for children using wheelchairs or mobility devices. Now the website has grown to contain information on a broad range of accessibility features like ramped play structures, accessible swings, accessible parking and pathways to the playground, and more!

Parents can now use to find playgrounds that work for them and their children, and provide more opportunities for fun and play, which every kid deserves.

Thank you, Julie, for everything you do in the community!

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