Thank you for making Ramp Up 2022 a success!

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind of excitement for the StopGap team and now that we’ve had a few days to settle down since our fundraiser ended, we’d like to express our gratitude for all the wonderful people who helped make #RampUp2022 a success!


🧑‍🎨 Thank you to the talented artists who donated their time and skills to create incredible art ramps. Ramp Up would not have been possible without your contributions:

Logan Anderson, Dave Bagley, Annette Blady, Morgan Booth, Despina Chaskari, Marg Cresswell, Montina Hussey, TechDweeb, Steve Kean, Michelle Nicholls-Cave, Rhonda Pearl, Sara Purves, Jaqueline Ravensbergen, Regina Shing, Agamjot Singh, Daniel St-Amant, Rosette Sund, Tony Taylor, Natalia Tcherniak, Barb TenEycke, Marjolyn Van Der Hart, Anthony Vandertuin, and Zoey Zoric


🖼 Thank you to Sean, Heidi, Francis, and the rest of the staff at Tangled Arts + Disability for giving Ramp Up 2022 a home and for being so helpful and friendly throughout the whole process. 


🔨 Thank you to our contractor, Marc, for building the art ramps, and our installer, Nick, for bringing our gallery vision to life. 


💯 Thank you to everyone who bid on the art ramps or made a donation to our cause – you helped us reach our Ramp Up fundraising goal of $10,000! 


🧡 And thank you to our dear friends and family who stopped by the gallery to experience this new version of Ramp Up in person. 


We’re extremely lucky to have such a great community supporting our Foundation.


From the bottom of our hearts, thank you.

– Luke, Velanie, and our board members Adil, Allison, Russell, and Max

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