Thanks for your support of Ramp Up 2023!

A photo of Tangled Art Gallery's library space for Ramp Up 2023. 24 ramp-shaped art canvases hang on the library shelves. On the left side of the space, there are 3 rows of art ramps with 5 art ramps in each row. On the right side, there are 3 rows of art ramps with 3 art ramps in each row. Each art ramp is made by a different artist with varying mediums and subject matter.

We’d like to take a moment to express our gratitude for all the wonderful people who made Ramp Up 2023 the success that it was!

‍‍Thank you to the amazing artists who donated their time and skills to create 24 beautiful art ramps. Ramp Up wouldn’t be possible without you:

Logan Anderson, Dave Bagley, Despina Chaskari, Marg Cresswell, Cherie Daly, Emma Ducharme, Melanie Georgievski, Amanda Gonsalves, Lisa Hickey, Montina Hussey, Steve Kean, Nick Ross, Morgan Sheardown, Taruna Singh, Daniel St-Amant, Manuela Stefan, Karen Taylor, Tony Taylor, Natalia Tcherniak, TechDweeb, Anthony Vandertuin, Sumera Yacoob, Kyla Yager, and Zoey Zoric

Thank you Sean, Heidi, and the rest of the Tangled Art + Disability team for your generosity in welcoming us into your space for another year.

Thank you to our contractor, Marc, for building the art ramp canvases, and our installer, Nick, for bringing our gallery vision to life. 

Thank you to our volunteers Jessy, Jacob, and Shaniah who lent a hand with several tasks throughout the week

Thank you to Ashley from Earth & City for supplying the delicious food for our Community Nights.

Thank you to everyone who placed a bid on an art ramp or made a donation. With your help, we surpassed our fundraising goal and raised $10,668! 

And thank you to our dear friends and family who stopped by the gallery on our Community Nights or shared our posts and stories online.

We have so much love and appreciation for our community for continuing to support our work.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you.

– The StopGap team of staff and Board members

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