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Greetings Followers!

I am very excited to share some of my experiences with all of you, and even more excited to be a part of this amazing project with Michael. Over the past 8 years my four wheeled adventures have uncovered a real interest in the built environment. I have experienced first hand how poorly this world is suited for people with disabilities, particularly those with mobility impairments. From discrimination to physical barriers, we have our work cut out for us.

I’d like to kick off my commitment to posting interesting things by sharing a photo of a contraption that Michael and I designed. The Mermaster Ram 2000 mounts to the underside of my footplates and allows me to push a bowling ball! After a few practice rounds I got the hang of it and threw a freakin’ strike! Yeah!

Keep Wandering,


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  • By dsteinbok

    Wow, that is amazing.
    They should stock those at bowling alleys.
    Dragon's Den?

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