Who We Are

The ramps were painted in bright colours to attract attention and a simple website with a punny name (we thrive off of puns) was developed. STOPGAP.CA was stencilled on each ramp to direct people to the website in order to learn all about the project.

It became clear from the incredibly positive outcome of the first Community Ramp Project that similar projects could be launched in different communities across the city. It also proved to have huge potential in raising awareness about accessibility and inclusion on a national scale.

Our Team

Our Initiatives

luke on a stopgap ramp, heading into a building and over a step

The Community Ramp Project

Physical barriers in our “built environment” prevent many of us from enjoying some of the amazing buildings and spaces that our cities and communities have to offer. With material donations from community hardware stores and volunteer labour from inspired community members, businesses with single stepped storefronts are invited to participate and have a custom ramp made at little to no cost. The brightly coloured ramps do not present a perfect solution to the problem however they do get people talking about the much bigger issue of inclusivity and accessibility for all.

About the Community Ramp Project
Luke getting questions from the Mabin School children

Our School Project

Inspired by our work with Toronto's Mabin School we have created an engaging program to help raise awareness about accessibility and inclusion through targeted outreach, education, and the building and distribution of ramps for local businesses with one-step entrances. We have developed resources for teachers to engage students in reaching out to local business owners with single stepped entryways. Together they deliver much-needed education regarding the importance of a storefront that everyone can access as well as the empowering language and symbols we can use when referring to people with disabilities.

About the StopGap School Project