Have you been wondering who is behind that red mask? Well, after a sighting at Caplansky’s Delicatessen in Toronto the secret got out. Join the movement and help raise awareness about the importance of an inclusive society that allows access for all. As Rampman says, “It’s time for change!”


The tale of trying to find Rampman has been captured in a graphic comic book series!


In Rampman Issue 1, business owners and customers alike were baffled by the overnight, street-wide make-over on Roncesvalles. Brightly painted access ramps were installed in front of every stepped entry-way! An underdog broadcast station on its last legs relies on a junior reporter, Alenna, to unveil who is behind this mysterious occurrence. Alenna turns to the public to piece together evidence and adopt new perspectives on the benefits of a simple ramp. 

In Rampman Issue 2, ramps have been popping up by the hundreds. Gossip floods the street and local news reports that a mysterious figure by the name of ‘Rampman’ is responsible. Alenna, a junior reporter continues her mission to reveal those responsible. Rampman moves quick, but Alenna is only steps behind him. 


The sale of these books help Rampman and his team in raising more awareness and getting more ramps out into the world!

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