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Unstoppable book


Stories of change makers who dare to make a difference.

A co-authored project by Paula Morand and Victoria Craig.

A collection of engaging stories written by motivated entrepreneurs and professionals who desire to raise their profile and make a positive impact. Featuring multiple co-authors, this book is an engaging read with stories from change makers who lead themselves with courage and passion as they dare to make a difference.

The book that Luke Anderson helped co-author with 23 other fantastic humans: Victoria Pelletier, Brian Hughes,  Candace Chartier, Carol Ann Hurtubise, J. Kay Coughlin, Charles Gaudet, David Gorveatte, Julie Gross, Kim Russell, Korean Whitney, Kristin Braithwaite, Kristina Quinn, Libby Norris, Lisa Friesen, Lisa Hrabluk, Mark Gregory Siermaczeski, Michèle Nadeau, Sergio Amatller, Shana Recker, Sheldon MacLeod, Shelly Elsliger-Bennett, Sherry Gray Browning, Paula Morand & Victoria Craig

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