Meet Our Directors!

Adil Dhalla

Board Chair

Adil Dhalla is an artist, community organizer and the Managing Director of Artscape Daniel’s Launchpad.  Previous to this role, Adil spent 6 years at the Centre for Social Innovation, where he was CSI’s Director of Culture and then Executive Director.  Adil Chairs the Board for the StopGap Foundation, a non-profit social enterprise that focuses on improving physical accessibility in communities.  He also co-founded Camp Reset, is a DiverseCity Fellow and a BALLE Fellow, awarded to local economy leaders who are creating the new economy. He is the first Muslim to ever receive the honour.

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Picture of Adil Dhalla    

Max Halparin


I’m Max, StopGap’s treasurer. My days are mostly spent practicing human rights and employment law, cycling around Toronto, and engaging with the local music scene. I learned about this amazing organization through the work of Accessibility for Humanity and StopGap Ottawa, and as a former student of urban geography I’m thrilled to work toward a more just and accessible world with the StopGap team.

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Allison Bone


Hi, I’m Allison. After years of noticing and admiring StopGap’s ramps all over Toronto, I decided to reach out and get to know the organization more closely. The StopGap team’s incredible vision for our communities and its entrepreneurial spirit left me wanting to get more involved. I’m honoured to bring my over 20 years of experience in fundraising and non-profit management to the Board. By day I’m a Senior Consultant with KCI and passionate about building capacity and healthy work culture in non-profit organizations.

Andrea Atkins


My name is Andrea Atkins, and I’m honoured to be a part of this powerful board of directors, impacting tangible change in communities near and far. If you’ve been to a Ramp Up FUNraiser in the last few years you may have spotted me hovering around lending a hand wherever I could – this drew me into the StopGap family, and I think I’m here for good. I can also be found training future Engineers and Architects at the University of Waterloo. I am passionate about the built environment, and ensuring that everyone is able to contribute to and enjoy every part of our community.

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Andrea smiling with mountains in the background

Russell Winkelaar


Hello there access allies, my name is Russell Winkelaar. I describe myself differently every time I make an attempt at doing so. Mostly I enjoy being a disability awareness advocate, which I have done through the mediums of public speaking as well as acting. I have been a ramp aficionado for as long as I can recall. Physically my favourite ramp is located in the glass dome atop the Reichstag building in Berlin, Germany. As a concept though, StopGap ramps are by far the most amazing ramps out there! I first encountered a StopGap ramp back in early 2012 and helped in my couple of ramp builds in the summer of 2014. Now that I have finally made it to the inner circle, I am excited to bring as much energy and enthusiasm as I can to help promote StopGap and access for all. I can’t wait to see where this adventure goes!