Barriers can be digital as well and Sara at Sara C Designs knows what to do with them!

Barriers aren’t just limited to those found in the built environment, barriers present themselves in the digital world as well and Sara at Sara C Designs knows how to tackle them. We had the fortunate opportunity to meet with Sara last week and she introduced us to her craft – you can find her on the web at Sara is very well-versed at making websites and documents accessible for those with vision impairments. By implementing her programming prowess she is able to outfit digital spaces so that they can be read with a screen reader or adjusted so that text becomes larger and higher contrast. She brought us up to speed on the information and communication standard of the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act which will come into place by 2025. Like us she is an advocate of trying to convince people to take the initiative and make spaces accessible to all before the mandatory due date. Sara is super passionate about her work and we congratulate her on her efforts!

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