Ramp Project in The Junction!

We just got word today that The Home Depot will be sponsoring our exciting ramp project in The Junction!
Here’s the scoop on the project!
The Ramp Project Goal

We are working towards having approximately 12 businesses in The Junction commit to being a part of our ramp project, 4 have already signed on – a testament to the community’s progressive nature and desire to be a leader. We plan on building a custom ramp to suit each business’ single stepped entrance. Businesses will deploy the ramp in the morning to welcome customers and bring it in at night. The ramps will be painted with bright colours in order to draw attention, create curiosity, raise awareness about access issues, help private businesses embrace the upcoming built environment standard and highlight how a simple ramp can make life so much easier for everyone.

The Ramp Project Facts

– Physical barriers in our built environment prevent people from enjoying some of the amazing buildings and businesses that our city has to offer.

– The upcoming Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act Built Environment Standard will make it law for businesses to be barrier free in the near future.

– Whether you are a parent pushing a stroller or a wheelchair user, ramps simply make life easier.
– A ramped storefront is smart for business, it allows access for everyone regardless of their ability.
The Ramp Project Tasks
– The StopGap initiative with help from The Home Depot will build a lightweight nonpermanent ramp to suit the businesses stepped storefront – for free!
– Businesses will put their brightly coloured, trusty ramp out in the morning to welcome customers and take it in at night all while helping raise awareness about physical barriers in our built environment and enjoying the many benefits of a simple ramp.

Here we go!


  • By Natalie1714

    This is fantastic! First stopgap the Junction, next stopgap the rest of the city! One community at a time… Well done Luke!

  • By Annie

    Great but…. please boycott Home Depot in respect for Troy Davis.

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