Roncesvalles has been ramped!

What a weekend! Some were skeptical but we did it – 43 ramps built, painted and delivered! We’d like to give our sincere thanks to Pollock’s Home Hardware for providing all of the materials for this humongous ramp project – our biggest one to date! We are incredibly thankful for the amazing volunteer crew from Greening Homes ( who helped us construct the 43 ramps – a group of champions like no other. A big thanks goes out to Laura Quigley and the Toronto Fringe Festival for hooking us up with the tent and foldable tables. A huge high-five goes out to Lamin-8 ( for hooking us up with our sweet banner and thank you Michael Hopkins for designing it!

The stellar painting crew hung in there until the bitter end to make sure that all the ramps were given the proper treatment and meticulously stenciled. Keeping track of which business each ramp belonged to became a bit of a juggling act but by Sunday afternoon the build team had it running like a fine oiled machine.  Thank you to the painting crew – Logan, Chris, Bill, Mandy, Katie, Sandra, Natalie and Lindsay.

Congratulations to everyone who helped make this ramp project the huge success that it was. Check out some great photos of the build here.

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