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luke on a stopgap ramp, heading into a building and over a step

When Social Distancing is Impossible: Health and safety strategies for people with disabilities

*This article was originally published in See Change – The Magazine of Social Entrepreneurship. Luke Anderson, social entrepreneur and executive director of StopGap Foundation requires assistance with everyday tasks. As a wheelchair user, Anderson depends on others to help with brushing his teeth, toileting, and getting in and out of bed. All of these responsibilities require a …

2 sets of 2 clear cups, meant to be like old fashion 'cup phones' each encasing a person. A person sitting on a chair waves at person standing in running gear and a person standing waves at a person seated in a wheelchair. The illustrator's name, Gracia Lam, is written below

Checking In: ‘Physical Distancing’ over ‘Social Distancing’

Hi community! Last week Luke sent a ‘Checking In’ message to our volunteers and newsletter subscribers conveying that our School Project and Team Building programming is on hold until further notice, but our Ramp Requests are still being processed (with extended/ uncertain turnover timelines). We continue to hold all of you in our thoughts, with …

Ramping Down The Risk

We are finding ourselves in an uncertain world where access is limited for everyone, and we thank you for all you are doing to ramp down the risk (#flattenthecurve) and keep yourselves and your community safe from the COVID-19 virus. As you likely know, this includes washing your hands with soap for at least 20 …