The Ramp Man Animated Storybook

In June of 2012, Luke Anderson’s sister surprised him with the most incredible gift ever – The Ramp Man Storybook! It was presented to Luke in the Summit Heights Public School gymnasium with the whole school. He was speechless and so happy that he started crying as a group of students sung their school’s theme song.

We are really missing our in-person interactions with students as part of our School Project and are excited to share with you this animated video based on that original storybook written by Logan Anderson and Thelma Sambrook and illustrated by Farida Zaman and the Grade Six Students of Summit Heights Public School.

Animations are by Katie Zechner and it is narrated by Parker. 

If viewing this article on your phone, please turn it to ‘landscape mode’ for the best viewing experience:

This book (and now animated storybook) holds a very special place in Luke’s heart: “I am honoured to share my story with you. Together we can raise awareness about the barriers that prevent many people from accessing the spaces that they want to enjoy. We can help make our communities more accessible and inclusive – and we can have lots of fun doing it!”

If you’d like a copy of the Ramp Man storybook, please make an order on our webstore at before the end of the month.

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