3 Benefits of Access Ramps for Your Business

In 2012, 1% of the total Canadian population used a wheeled mobility device. This may not sound like a lot, but this percentage doesn’t even begin to account for the people who use canes, walkers, push strollers or delivery carts, or have other mobility-related challenges.

Imagine what this number would be if you included everyone who has challenges with mobility? Yet many places are still inaccessible for those individuals.

Doing something as simple as adding an access ramp isn’t just good for the community: it’s good for you and your business as well.

1. You’ll Maximize Your Customer Base

You could be missing out on over 16% of your potential business simply because a person can’t interact with or enter your business, according to this article. This number increases when you factor in their family and friends.

That 16% doesn’t even include the people who choose to make spending decisions based on whether a business is inclusive or not. Studies have shown that over 92% of consumers are more likely to support a business that is physically and digitally accessible to all.

By adding a ramp, you’ll not only make your business more physically accessible, but you’ll be able to visually demonstrate it to passing customers.

2. You’ll Minimize Your Customers’ Risk of Injury

Many of us have almost taken a tumble on the stairs. It’s frightening. And it’s even more frightening if it happens to someone else on the stairs leading into your business.

When your customers are using wheelchairs or walkers, pushing strollers, carrying multiple shopping bags, or even just have their hands full, stairs become harder to navigate – if they can use them at all.

The benefit of an access ramp is that everyone can use it no matter the situation – and when properly maintained, they can use it safely.

3. Portable Ramps Like Ours Are Easy and Affordable

Ramps come in many shapes, sizes, and materials. They’re also a valuable contribution to your building.

If you aren’t ready or able to build a permanent ramp right away, you can get portable ones that are easy to deploy and use.

StopGap ramps are made of lightweight wood and treated with high-grade paint containing a non-slip additive. Since it is a portable ramp, you do not need a permit, and the ramp should only be used when requested. You can find out more about our ramps here.

A well-built portable ramp is a great short-term solution that brings you closer to being a fully accessible business.

Remember: If you decide to install a permanent ramp, make sure that it complies with the Ontario Building Code.

Work with StopGap and Create a More Accessible Community

We’re a registered Canadian charity helping create a world where every person can access every space. One way that we are working towards this important goal is by providing single-step ramps that are custom-built for your business – but we can also point you in the right direction if you require a multi-step ramp.

You can request a ramp for your business, or help us with our Community Ramp Projects by donating time, money, and/or materials. So far we have over 1,500 ramps across the country! With your help, we can make entire neighbourhoods more accessible to all.

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