“Access Ramp Available” Signage

Ever since we began our Community Ramp Project we have understood the need for informative signage in order to communicate to a potential customer that a business has an access ramp available if needed. We have finally put together a sign that businesses can display in their storefront window to let people know that they have a ramp for whoever needs it. From this point forward each business that participates in a Community Ramp Project or purchases a ramp through our Ramps on Request program will receive a sign – click here to check it out!

We have had many discussions about how someone interested in using a businesses ramp might be able to independently get the attention of a store manager inside. Our solution to this issue is the installation of a very simple wireless door chime. These inexpensive battery powered devices are available in many hardware stores for $20-$30 and take minutes to install, click here for an example. Along with our newly developed signage we will now be recommending door chimes to all of our Community Ramp Project and Ramps on Request participants!

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