Join our Teacher Advisory Committee

Attention K-8 educators with disabilities!

After putting a pause on all of our work in elementary schools for the past two years, we are planning to relaunch our exciting School Project this September. In preparation for this relaunch, we are pulling together an advisory committee that will meet a few times over the summer to review our lesson plans and resources.

The advisory committee will partially be comprised of teachers who have participated in the School Project in the past. We are looking for teachers with disabilities to add to the committee and help contribute to this important review process. If you are an educator who identifies as having a disability, we’d love to hear from you!

We are asking for a commitment of 8-10 hours, spread between two virtual meetings and individual review time. All committee members will be given an honorarium for their participation.

Please send a message to for further details.

We know that our school programming is great – help us make it even greater!

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