Temporary ramps… not a permanent solution

Last weekend I was enjoying a nice breakfast on my girlfriend Megan’s sunny balcony. I use my portable aluminum folding ramp to get out onto the balcony as it is raised up from the interior space by about 10 inches. Getting up and out onto the balcony was no problem but getting back inside proved to be a little bit more of a challenge. My front wheels rolled over the sliding door track without a problem but my rear wheels needed a little bit more umpf so I backed up a couple of inches and took a bit of a run at it. Not only did my rear wheels fail to roll over the sliding door track but I also managed to push the portable ramp off of the upper lip that it was sitting on. Down went the ramp and with it went the front end of my chair. You know how Batman always crashes through those high-rise windows to rescue someone? You know how he always lands so gracefully, barrel roll styles and ready to fight off the villain? Well, there was no grace and certainly no barrel roll. I launched myself headfirst on to the fallen ramp (complete with grip tape clad running surface) and landed like a sack of potatoes. I didn’t pass out (Megan almost did though) but I gave myself a real good collection of raspberries on my forehead, knees and elbow. We called the paramedics, they did a ten point inspection, helped me back into my chair and rode off into the afternoon sunshine to their next distress call… Batman would’ve been proud. Moral of the story is that temporary ramps are not a permanent solution.

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