Gifts and products that support our work!

Hello StopGap Superfans!

We’ve got lots of fun, colourful merchandise available to support our work with gifts for yourself or your community.

If you’re interested in coming by our headquarters in downtown Toronto to pick up some goodies or getting something sent to you please check out our online store!

On the left is a Red background with 'MERCH' written in red on a white paint stroke with prices listed as follows: $2 suggested - Stickers and Temporary Tattoos - PWYC $10 suggested - Keychains - PWYC $20 The Ramp Man Storybooks, Ramp Man comic books, Unstoppable Books $25 T-shirts $250 Sponsor a Ramp White StopGap Foundation Logo On the right is a photo against a beige brick background with 4 vines behind 3 smiling StopGap supporters wearing a grey, red, and purple t-shirt, respectively. Jess, on the left is holding up a red keychain above her head and a blue chain over her shoulder. Pedro, in the middle, is holding The Ramp Man Story book and a blue Forward Movement square sticker and Maia on the right is holding both copies of the comic books and a white and black 'Made with Love for Everybody' sticker. 

Luke Anderson, smiling and holding up a copy of Unstoppable, the book he co-authored.

Each purchase of a mini ramp keychain, t-shirt, Unstoppable book, The Ramp Man storybook, RAMPMAN 1 & 2 comic book, Forward Movement Sticker, Made With Love for Everybody sticker, or Ramp Sponsorship goes towards improving our impact as we say goodbye to an incredible 2019 and roll into a HUGE 2020.

Thanks for showing your love for StopGap!


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